Review: Cassian Andor and K-2SO return in excellent new ‘Rogue One’ spinoff comic

Rogue One is the darkest Star Wars film, so it made good sense for its comic relief to be properly dismal. Previous Imperial security android K-2SO is a pessimist with a morbid funny bone, collaborate with the grimly practical Rebel Alliance spy Cassian Andor.

The movie’s other double-act, Baze Malbus and Chirrut Imwe , got a tie-in unique previously this year. Now Cassian and K-2SO have their own one-shot comic , checking out the origins of their not likely collaboration.

It’s instantly apparent that Cassian &&K-2SOis among the much better Star Wars comics . Occurring on a desert world overrun by Imperial soldiers, artist Fernando Blanco has an exceptional grasp of the landscapes of the Star Wars universe, caught here in Rogue One’s controlled combination by Marcelo Maiolo. Even prior to the 2 primary characters understand each other, author Duane Swierczynski handles to recreate their rapid-fire arguments from the film. You can currently see where K-2SO’s deadpan humor emerged from his Imperial programs.

Photo through Cassian &&K-2SO/ Marvel

Cassian &&K-2SO is an easy experience story, with Cassian and 2 Rebel representatives attempting to recover some Imperial intel in a dirty spaceport town. It’s amusing and busy, following the traditional Star Wars formula of an objective that quickly degenerates into turmoil. Cassian needs to employ the aid of a close-by security android in order to leave, although K-2SO’s programs is tough to break.

Droids are common throughout the Star Wars franchise, although the motion pictures make sure not to explore their political function too deeply. Are androids individuals, home, or both? Exactly what are the principles of purchasing and offering a sentient animal or reprogramming it to alter its core worths? K-2SO is approximately comparable to Finn in The Force Awakens as a previous Imperial soldier who defected to the Rebel cause. The distinction is, Finn made a totally free choice while K-2SO was successfully taken by Cassian, then reprogrammed to erase his commitment to the Empire. We never ever feel bad about the heros eliminating stormtroopers or Imperial androids, however Finn taught us that lots of stormtroopers were persuaded from infancy, and K-2SO shows that even androids can change commitments.

If you’re interested in this sort of problem, Cassian &&K-2SO offers more screentime to the ethical options made by Rebel characters like Cassian Andor.

Photo through Cassian &&K-2SO/ Marvel

Rogue One represented K-2SO as somebody who easily follows the Rebel Alliance, with Cassian as his pal instead of his master. The ramification is that he had no free choice under the Empire which Cassian basically saved him. This comic is an appropriately unclear origin story for their collaboration, motivating you to believe more deeply about everybody’s preferred funny android from Rogue One.

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