Meet BB-8’s evil twin in Captain Phasma’s ‘The Last Jedi’ prequel comic

Captain Phasma simply got her own backstory book and comic series, and the comic provides a surprise co-star: BB-9E, the “wicked twin” of BB-8.

Nicknamed BB-H8 by The Last Jedi cast and team, BB-9E is BB system who works for the First Order, presented in a brief animated clip today. This comic tips that BB-9E might Phasma’s brand-new partner, satisfying her throughout the occasions of The Force Awakens.

Photo through Phasma # 1/Marvel

Phasma ended The Force Awakens in a trash chute on Starkiller Base, however all of us understand the guidelines of movie theater. They ain’t dead if you do not see somebody pass away onscreen. Sure enough, Phasma is because of appear in The Last Jedi, and this comic describes how she got away Starkiller. Survival wasn’t her only objective. Because the Resistance utilized Phasma’s log-in to disable Starkiller’s guards, that suggests Phasma is on the hook for its damage.

Written by Kelly Thompson with art by Marco Checchetto and Andres Mossa, Phasma expand a character who– like Boba Fett prior to her– ended up being a fan-favorite in spite of having a bit part. You’re not going to discover it here if you’re looking for deep insight into her backstory and inspirations. To be sincere, that does not matter. Phasma’s task is to be wicked and cool, and Kelly Thompson comprehends her ruthlessly effective mindset.

The most essential brand-new angle is Phasma’s more self-serving side. She appeared like a First Order follower in the film, today she’s “guilty” of disabling Starkiller’s guards, she needs to cover her tracks. This leaves things open for the dark humor we’ve concerned get out of villain-centric Star Wars comics , contrasting the medical tone of Phasma’s main report with the truth of her smashing her method through the mayhem of Starkiller. It’s quite an action comic, however it likewise shows the crucial defect of the First Order’s hierarchy. They’ll undoubtedly betray each other when the going gets difficult if everybody in power is wicked and/or living in worry of penalty for their errors.

Photo through Phasma # 1/Marvel

As for BB-9E, he just appears in the last couple of pages. He’s along for the flight on Phasma’s mission to clear her name, which welcomes an apparent concern: will BB-9E become her ally, or will he find her self-centered objectives and betray her to their First Order employers? The miniseries lasts for 4 problems, so we’ll understand the response in time for The Last Jedi in December.

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