The Biggest Fans of the Marvel Universe!

Created & Animated by Danny Lesco
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Music : – Kevin MacLoad

Other Biggest Fans :
Mario’s Biggest Fan:
Wolverine’s Biggest Fan:
Hulk’s Biggest Fan:
TMNT’s Biggest Fan:
Deadpool’s Biggest Fan:
Aquaman’s Biggest Fan :
Batman’s Biggest Fan :
Joker’s Biggest Fan :
Catwoman’s Biggest Fan :
Flash’s Biggest Fan :
Thanos Biggest Fan :
SpongeBob’s Biggest Fan :
Harley Quinn’s Biggest Fan :

The Biggest Fan series follows crazy fanatics all over the world where they’re obsessed with characters like Marvel & DC superheroes and do their best to try to become them in the real world.
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Yoda’s Biggest Fan – Music by : Morpeef –
Darth Vader’s Biggest Fan : Song by Goblins from Mars :
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Deadpool’s Biggest Fan – “Song: Ruben K – Ready! Aim! Fire!
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Wolverine’s Biggest Fan – Music : Metiri – Vampires
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Eric Lam – Wall…
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