LGBTQ comic books for Kindle, AKA what well be reading all weekend

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Looking for more LGBTQ pride in your literature? Are we. Love reading comics? Do we.

In a time when individuals are sobbing out louder and louder for more LGBTQ representation in their media, comics have actually been making effective declarations by rather actually highlighting the subtleties of LGBTQ culture in relatable and engaging stories. If you’re at the point now where you understand Wonder Woman so well you could virtually recite it by heart, then why not offer a couple of brand-new titles a shot?

As such, we’ re including 6 cool-looking comics to our Kindle dream lists that use their pride on their sleeves. (Don’t own a Kindle ? You should. It seriously beats carrying a stack of fragile comics all over you go.)

Check ‘ em out and see if any of these titles ignite your interest: