Dogs transformed into works of art at extreme grooming contest

Dogs are being changed into artworks at severe pet-grooming competitors throughout the nation.

From Finding Nemo to amazing robotic pet dogs, these unbelievable animals could not look more various from their previous canine-selves.

Photographer Ren Netherland, 56, from Clearwater, Fla., has actually dedicated the previous 20 years to recording the pet-pimping phenomenon, where winners bag rewards of over $5,000.

I like seeing exactly what these groomers can do,” he stated. “When they begin, I have no idea exactly what the canine will be, however when they are done, its spectacular.”


These groomers are so skilled,” he included. “Imagine aiming to cut a sculpture into fur while the topic is moving.”

Netherland states he thinks about the groomers real artists.

Show me an artist that can paint, color, cut and cut, while the canvas is moving, and Ill reveal you a pet groomer that completes in Creative Grooming.

A routine artist couldnt do this. These innovative competitors groomers can take numerous hours to finish. Those hours are topped a long period of time duration.”

He included: The innovative pet dogs I picture at grooming programs have around 2 to 2 and a half hours to cut a style into a canines coat. [The coat] was colored hours, days, or a month earlier.

The groomers deal with growing out the hair on these pet dogs for months. Throughout that time they are attempting various concepts out.


After 2 years of shooting wedding events, designs and household pictures, Ren chose to turn his focus on animals. He declares they are simpler to deal with than individuals.

Ren dealt with his photography part-time till he left the Navy in 1985, and turned it into his profession.

Despite a lot item being utilized on these animals, Ren assures that it is all safe.

All of the colors and dyes are needed to be pet safe,” he stated. “All of them were created for the family pet.”

He likewise keeps in mind that if a groomer does not win, “they will change their style and attempt once again at the next program,” where they can impress an entire brand-new crowd.

Most of the remarks are of overall wonder. Individuals sit for hours seeing these canines being groomed simply to see exactly what they will be developed into.

This short article initially appeared on The Sun.

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