Cool mom turns turns toddler’s wall scribblings into actual art

If you deal with any kids under the age of 5, all walls in your house need to be padded and painted black for security functions.

Alas, attempt as you might, you cannot avoid a young child from wall trying and doodling art with catsup. And some moms and dads, who are not mine, are especially talented at turning those kiddie sketches into something from an Urban Outfitters display room.

Reddit user frankiboy published this picture of a young child’s scribblings and its subsequent improvement when confronted with somebody who has a bit more experience under their belt.

“What takes place when an imaginative kid has an innovative mama,” they captioned the post .

Image: frankiboy/reddit

If this mother wish to pertain to my home and do something with this years old spaghetti marinara stain I have on my cooking area wall, that would be fantastic. Thank you for your assistance ahead of time!

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