A Marvel Universe legend just signed on with DC Comics and blew minds everywhere

Tale as old as time
Image: Gen-Pop

Brian Michael Bendis has actually been dealing with Marvel for the much better part of 20 years. He developed its well-regarded “Ultimates” universe; his lineup of characters consists of Jessica Jones and Miles Morales (the most recent Spider-Man.)

And now Bendis simply surprised the comics world by signing an unique handle Marvel’s mortal opponent, DC Comics.

DC revealed the offer on Twitter. The business explained Bendis’ agreement as “multi-year” and “multi-faceted,” however did not define exactly what titles he’ll be dealing with.

Bendis has actually dealt with a single DC story in the past — a single concern of Batman — so this relocation will basically start his profession with the publisher. He cushioned the shock for his fans like this:

The relocation asks a lot of concerns. For something, did something occur in between Bendis and Marvel that would lead him to make this type of choice? Exactly what does he have prepared for the DC universe — could it be yet another reboot?

Regardless, Bendis is a innovative and respected author — not simply in comics and animated series (Spider-Man), however video games and movie scripts too. He likewise composed Fortune and Glory, a funny nonfiction graphic unique everything about shopping his movie script in Hollywood, and Words for Pictures, a book on the best ways to compose for comics. He might will offer us another master class in precisely that.

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