15+ Comics That Perfectly Describe What Its Like To Have Depression And Anxiety

I was diagnosed with depression and ADHD in December of 2016. My therapist suggested me to try journaling. I hate journaling.

Though I’ve been drawing since I was a child, I had fallen out of the habit. This comic was my compromise between drawing an journaling; it helped me record how I was feeling at the time and work through some of the darkness.

At first it was scary to put my deepest thoughts and fears out in the open, but the responses and messages of support from people made me realize how much it was needed to talk about mental health, and show what it can really be like.

My comics cover a variety of topics, like love, depression, self-reflection and anxiety.

After about 6 months of making comics, I decided to quit my job and freelance part-time so that I could dedicate more time to making and promoting Just Peachy. In the future, I hope to make a book and raise awareness about mental health and my personal struggle with depression.

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